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 Just a reminder.....

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PostSubject: Just a reminder.....   7/19/2008, 7:54 am

I just want everyone to know that if you ever have a problem, question, suggestion, etc..... I want you to feel free to contact me, and I'll do my absolute best to resolve or answer or help you with whatever it is. I'm the Commissioner of this league, I have the power to fix any problems you may have. I want everyone to feel free to let me know. I'm really dedicated to this league and I want it to be fun for everyone. And being cheated or whatever is not fun. I have the power to fix those problems very quickly. You should feel comfortable talking to me about anything you feel i need to know about, I feel that I'm good about listening and understanding your issues. I've been in many leagues and have a lot of experience and I think the job of the commish pretty much determines how the league fairs. So, again if you ever have any issues with other members, or anything, let me know. I know several of you have no problem coming to me and I've helped fix your problems in the past. But I also feel that some of you are hesitant to come to me regarding any issues. I created this league back in February with the goal "to become the best run madden league" I know this league is still FAR from that, but I'm gaining more experience and learning just as you are. I'm just here to have fun too and I'm a regular person, just like you, and I will NEVER tolerate anyone taking away from the enjoyment of just playin some str8 madden competition!

Thanks, and as I've always said, if you ever have any problems or anything please feel free to contact me on aim- pats4892 or email- ronaldjefferson19@yahoo.com



I am the commissioner of MMFL, if you have any questions or would like to join contact me: aim- pats4892 or email- ronaldjefferson19@yahoo.com
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Just a reminder.....
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