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PostSubject: ***SEASON 3 DRAFT***--PLEASE READ!!!   7/2/2008, 8:18 pm

As season 2 comes to a close, we now look ahead to season 3, the last season before 09. This season we will again have a draft to select teams. The draft will take place TUESDAY JULY 8th @ 8:00pm EST. Please try to make it to the draft. If you are unable to make it please send a list of teams that you prefer. You can email them to me: ronaldjefferson19@HusHsdFootball.com. THE DRAFT WILL TAKE PLACE ON AIM. I WILL INVITE YOU ALL TO CHAT ROOM AROUND 7:45! Draft order will be announced later in the week!

There will also be other changes for season 3. I will go through the current rules and tweak them to improve gameplay. I already know a few I will be changing. If you have any suggestions please let me know. This is your league, you have a full say in what happens so I want to hear your suggestions/concerns. We will also be tracking Team Stats next season. Season 2 I had you post the stats from the game just so we could all view them, but next season I will track them and have stat leaders, etc... Also once 09 comes out I'm gonna be a lot stricter on playing games. Some of you slack off late season and I know that happens this time of year but once 09 comes out that will be inexcusable.

So thats just a quick look at whats gonna be goin on these next few weeks. There are more small changes coming as well. Please get these playoff games finished ASAP (including me, I admit I've been slacking too).



I am the commissioner of MMFL, if you have any questions or would like to join contact me: aim- pats4892 or email- ronaldjefferson19@yahoo.com
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