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PostSubject: WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!   5/7/2008, 3:38 am

Since the MMFL was established Fri Feb 22, 2008, everyone has been anxious to see who will win super bowl I???? Well that long asked question has finally been answered! Today, May 6th 2008 at 3:48pm the New England Patriots were crowned world champions!
The Game started with a 3-out by both teams on their first possession. Then after a 21 yard punt return by Donte` Stallworth the Pats drove down and scored the first points in MMFL Super Bowl history with a 5 yd touchdown run by Laurence Maroney! But the Skins werent letting up, they went down on a very fast drive and matched the Pats. After one quarter the game is tied at seven.
Then at the beginning of the second quarter Benjamin Watson caught a 7yd Brady touchdown pass! Pats lead 14-7. But again the Skins quickly went down the field scoring on a 16 yard Clinton Portis touchdown run with just 1:21 to play in the first half tying the game at 14. Then the Pats went 3-out. On the proceeding punt return, Antwan Randle El returned it 55 yards to inside the NE 15 yard line. But the Pats came up big with a Tedy Bruschi interception at the goal line! Half time- Patriots 14 Redskins 14
The 3rd quarter went scoreless, leading up to a very exciting final 5 min!
The 4th quarter was very exciting, the Fans were pumped, the defenses were gassed, the champagne bottles were being put in place in both locker rooms. Nobody new how it would end. The first fourth quarter points came when the Pats stalled in the Redzone as they settled for a Gostowski go-ahead field goal. But right as the Patriots felt they had the trophy in their grasp, Jason Campbell loaded up and launched an 85 yard bomb to Santana Moss who burned the New England secondary for 228 yards on the day. Redskins led for the first time in the game, 21-17. The Pats new time was running out and they hadnt scored on consecutive possessions all game long. They had to do that here. Tom Brady led his team down to midfield before striking Jabar Gaffney for a 49 yard touchdown pass. Patriots regained the lead with just 3:00 minutes to go. But as fans were afraid they left too much time for the Skins offense, Bill Belichick was confident in his defense. The Redskins drove down the field before being put upagainst a 4th and 10 situation with under 2 min to play. The Pats came up big stopping them and getting the ball back! But as the Redskins were using their timeouts, there was still plenty of time left to score if they got one more stop on 3rd down. But Tom Brady as he always seems to do came up in the clutch throwing to his favorite target Wes Welker for a first down. Brady then ran his favorite play: QB Kneel. Patriots are World Champions!!!!

A great season is capped off with a trophy presentation! Tom Brady is named Super Bowl MVP with a 146.9 rating, 171 yds, 2 touchdowns, and for leading a game winning drive.
Great game Redskins, but awesome season Pats!!!


I am the commissioner of MMFL, if you have any questions or would like to join contact me: aim- pats4892 or email- ronaldjefferson19@yahoo.com
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